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Office Depot 24x CD-R 80 Minute 700mb- 5 Pack Eng/Spa Retail

SKU: CD122000-ODM4

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Office Depot 24x CD-R Silver 80 Minute 700mb- 5 Pack Eng/Spa Retail
Features ....
Speed:   24x
Capacity:   700 MB
Recording Time:   80 Minutes
Type:   CD-R
Quantity:   5 Pack
Packaging:   Jewel Case Shrink Wrap - Retail
Package Contents:   5 24x CD-R Disc, 5 Jewel Cases
  Office DepotŪ CD-R recordable discs meet your expanding data-storage needs with their ability to store audio, video, graphics and text. Ideal for large files, data exchange, multimedia projects and jukebox/duplicator applications. These versatile, high-performance CD-Rs can be played back on CD players, home stereo CD players and computer CD-ROM drives.
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High performance, high-capacity media, Create a CD in less than 4 minutes at 48x speed, Play back in a music-use CD player, CD-RW drives or CD-ROM drive.
Powerful Applications:
Digital audio mastering, archiving, & demos, Multimedia production & recording, Document imaging, Computer data back-up & archiving, Store images, music & photos.