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Dynatron 2U and up LGA1366 Aluminum Fins with Heatpipes Copper base 12V 2 Ball Bearing for Xeon E5500 Nehalem, Model G555 -Retail

SKU: DY20F-G555

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Product Details

Model G555
CPU Socket 1366
CPU Support Intel® Xeon™ 5500 Series Nehalem EP Processor W5580, X5570, X5560, X5550, E5540, E5530, E5520, E5506, E5504, E5502, L5520, L5506, L5508, L5518
Solution 2U & Up
Overall Dimension 94.0 x 89.5 x 64.0 mm
Weight 460 g
Material Copper Base & Aluminum Fins with Heatpipes embedded
Fan Dimension 77 x 77 x 20 mm
Speed At Duty Cycle 0%: 1000 RPM
At Duty Cycle 20%: 1000 RPM
At Duty Cycle 100%: 5500 RPM
Bearing 2 Ball Bearing
Rated Voltage 12 V
Power At Duty Cycle 0%: 0.54 W
At Duty Cycle 20%: 0.54 W
At Duty Cycle 100%: 9 W
Air Flow At Duty Cycle 0%: 8.36 CFM
At Duty Cycle 20%: 8.36 CFM
At Duty Cycle 100%: 53.899 CFM
Noise Level At Duty Cycle 0%: 20.6 dBA
At Duty Cycle 20%: 20.6 dBA
At Duty Cycle 100%: 51.4 dBA
Lead Wire Pin Out Pin1-Black (-)
Pin2-Yellow (+)
Pin3-Green (Tachometer/Signal output)
Pin4-Blue (PWM)
Note 1. Intel® Thermal-Verified Power-On thermal solution for Tylersburg EP Platform Nehalem EP Processor
2. Intel® doc# 361865
3. Intel third-party heatsink solution
4. G555 is designed for server motherboard
5. Mounting Kit option available for Intel® Core™ i7 desktop motherboard
6. Backplate is not included
7. RoHS Compliance
Warranty 1-Year