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Microsoft Keyboards
SKU: MS222LF00001-R Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800, USB, BLACK keyboard & Mouse - Retail : 2LF-00001
SKU: MS22EYD00001 Microsoft Black USB Wired Desktop Combo DSP Disty, Model EYD-00001/5MH-00023 - OEM
SKU: MS22SIDE-X4-R Microsoft Black Sidewinder X4 FRENCH (QWERTY) keyboard,Model JQD-00001 - Retail
SKU: MS22ZG6-WHITE-R Microsoft Wired SpillProof PS2 Keyboard, Model ZG6-00033/ZG6-00036 - Retail
Microsoft Mice / Input Devices
SKU: MS193KJ00013-R Microsoft Touch Mouse 3KJ-00013 White Touch Scroll USB RF Wireless BlueTrack - Retail
SKU: MS194YH00005-O Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse for Business PS2/USB-Black DSP OEM Brown Single Box : 4YH-00005
SKU: MS19UK2USADPTR Microsoft Adaptor Converter UK socket to US socket - OEM
SKU: MS19JUD00001-R Microsoft Black USB 3Buttons Optical Mouse - Retail : JUD-00001
SKU: MS19USBBLK-RTL Microsoft USB Black Wired Optical 3Buttoned Mouse - Retail - JUD-00001
Microsoft Software
SKU: MS13101-3A *Microsoft Windows NT w/5Cals License
SKU: MS13XPPRO-1C Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 DSP E85-04164 1Pack
SKU: MS13O13ACCESS-O Microsoft Access 2013 32/64bits 1PC - Medialess PKC; 077-06368
SKU: MS13O13PRO-O Microsoft Office Pro 2013 32-bit/x64 English Medialess 1User - PKC 269-16094
SKU: MS13O13OUT-O Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 - PKC ; 543-05747
SKU: MS13O13-365HP Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium 32/64bit English 1YR 5PC/5Mobile Devices Medialess 6GQ-00241
SKU: MS13CAL6UA00544 Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 ADD-ON-CAL, Model 6UA-00544 for Sbt# MS13SSB08-SP2
SKU: MS13SSB11-ULI Microsoft Add-On 5User Cals for SBS Server 2011, Model 6UA-03599
SKU: MS13SWINTSUCL2 Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Windows CAL 2008 R2 Open License, Model 6VC-02071
SKU: MS13O13HST-O Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 32bit/x64 English Medialess 1User - PKC 79G-03550
SKU: MS13W8PRO-64-1 Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64Bit English 1Pack DSP OEM : FQC-05956
SKU: MS13W81PRO-64-1 Microsoft Windows 8.1 PRO 64bit English 1pk DSP OEM DVD : FQC-06950
SKU: MS13W7PRO32SP1A Microsoft Windows 7 PRO 32-Bit English SP1 1 Pack, Model FQC-08279
SKU: MS13W7PRO64SP1A Microsoft Windows 7 PRO 64-Bit SP1 1 Pack - OEM FQC-08289 New Packaging
SKU: MS13W7HP32SP1-1 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 32-Bit SP1 English 1PK, Model GFC-02021
SKU: MS13W7HP32SP1A Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 32-Bit SP1 English 1PK, Model GFC-02726
SKU: MS13W7HP64SP1A Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit SP1 1PK, Model GFC-02733
SKU: MS13W7ULT32-SP1 Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit SP1 1 Pack English, Model GLC-01809
SKU: MS13W7ULT64-SP1 Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1 1 Pack English, Model GLC-01844
SKU: MS13W7ULT32-SPA Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit SP1 1 Pack English, Model GLC-02377
SKU: MS13W7ULT64SP1A Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1 1 Pack English, Model GLC-02389
SKU: MS13SWIN12-CPU2 Microsoft aditional Add On 2CPU/2VM Lic for Server 2012 Standard DSP OEM P73-05347
SKU: MS13SWIN12R2 Microsoft Windows Sever Standard 2012 R2 64B 2CPU/2VM - OEM; P73-06165
SKU: MS13SWIN08R2S-A Microsoft Server Standard 2008 R2 SP1 64bit with 5CAL, Model P73-06451
SKU: MS13SWIN12-DV1 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 AddOn 1 Device Cal DSP OEM : R18-03665
SKU: MS13SWIN12-CL1 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 AddOn 1 User Cal DSP OEM : R18-03737
SKU: MS13SWIN12-CL5 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 AddOn 5User Cal DSP OEM : R18-03755
SKU: MS13O13HB-O Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 32/64 English Medialess 1User - PKC T5D-01575
SKU: MS13W8-32-1 Microsoft Windows 8 Win32 English 1pk DSP OEM DVD : WN7-00368
SKU: MS13W81-64-1 Microsoft Windows 8.1 64bit English 1pk DSP OEM DVD : WN7-00615
Microsoft Speakers & Headsets
SKU: MS35LX1000-R Microsoft LX-1000 Lifechat Headset - Retail : JTD-00007
Microsoft Web Cameras
SKU: MS21RLA00001-R Microsoft Black LifeCam Show 2.0 MP Effective Pixels Webcam, Model RLA-00001 - Retail